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Connecting Professional Drivers Worldwide

Collaborative Economy is a fully automatic booking platform that was not only created for our ( mostly corporate) customers (for transfer and delivery services), but also a booking and dispatching platform that was specially developed for you as our partner. It simplifies all booking and painful operational procedures including the payments and administration in the ground transportation industry.

Our Booking Platform and APP are simplifying and supporting your operations, dispatching, bookings, payments, and communication in several ways

• After the registration please send us the required documents

• Register your personal or company credit card and Bank details / IBAN / SWIFT

• Add your drivers and invite your suppliers to Your Favourite Driver Network 

• Build your Driver Network with your trusted drivers also in other Cities and Countries to guarantee your usual service level

• Use booking platform to simplify your local operations like painful dispatching, administration,payments and minimize your communication time and issues. Save your time and money

• Offer your customers a completely new service in other cities and countries, outside your operational zone. Your dispatching team will be able to book a car in maximum of 60 sec. of the whole booking procedure including driver details confirmation in max. 20 min

• Growth your business locally and internationally. Extend your revenue with existing clients travelling abroad. Add new clients in different areas where you are not present yet

• Modernize your operations and digitalize your processes. Increase your efficiency using the newest and advanced technology of

• Booking through platform is free of charge for your company

• Last but not least: every 10 days our system sends a payment with the amounts to the registered bank accounts of the driver companies

With our business model, we are a true represent of the newest trends in the collaborative economy, transforming the ground transportation industry in full, through:

•Transforming the old-style structured industry,

•Digitalizing the processes of the locally oriented and limited players to internationally operating and modern companies,

•Offering new service and value not only to the customers but also to our partners,

•Delivering most advanced business ideas and technology to simplify and automate all the procedures to be simplified, automated and adapted to 21st century's contemporary business trends,

•The end result: simplified and very efficient booking and payment procedures, adapted to the new industry and customer needs. - a car booking platform and a game-changing company

Please contact us: or +41 44 833 22 22

or fill out our application form: Application form for drivers


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Companies, internet shops, restaurants, pharmacies and traditional shops have the opportunity to offer their customers an individual delivery service with trustworthy drivers

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